Subsidy Advisory

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TPA Advisory Services: EU Subsidy Advisory

TPA can offer, among others, the following services regarding to EU Funds:

  • R&D, Technology and Innovation Consultancy; Project Management
  • Patent Valuations (e.g. as the basis for new financing)
  • Feasibility Studies for new high-tech companies, products, processes, etc.
  • Optimisation of business and financial plans (incl. financing, subsidies)
  • Consultancy on subsidies for national and EU subsidies in Austria (e.g. establishing high-tech companies; investments; R&D, environmental and energy projects, etc.)
  • Consultancy on national and EU subsidies in all CEE States and all western European EU Member States
  • Subsidy feasibility studies, preparation and optimisation of subsidy applications
  • Advice on “indirect subsidies” in all EU Member States (by means of tax allowances, land, etc.)
  • EU lobbying and project management for complex EU projects
  • EU audits for companies, researchers, local authorities, associations, NGOs, etc.
  • Valuation of technologies, patents, licenses, technical projects
  • Advice in the search for and acquisition of patents, technologies, companies
  • Preparation of studies and EU consultancy for Ministries, agents, associations, local authorities, etc.