New: Investing in Montenegro

4. March 2020 | Reading Time: 1 Min

The current tax rates of Montenegro in ‘Investing in Montenegro. An overview of the current tax system”. The TPA  brochure provides a convenient overview of the most important regulations of the Montenegrinian tax system for entrepreneurs and investors.

The “Investing in CEE” series by TPA: 12 countries. 12 tax systems.

Each brochure of the “Investing in” series is an informative reference tool in a convenient format. “What readers like is the brochures’ straightforward language and clear layout,” says Robert Lovrecki. They are also popular on account of their structure and contents. All brochures have the same structure and include the same topics. “This makes it particularly easy for readers to identify the main differences between 12 different tax systems,” adds Robert Lovrecki.

Tax Overview in CEE/SEE

If you are planning to make investments in CEE/SEE, compare the current tax rates and get an overview of the tax systems of Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia.

With immediate effect, both the complete series and brochures for individual CEE countries can be ordered:

  • free of charge under publications
  • as a print issue and also in pdf format
  • in German and English