Holdings & international Companies

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Advisory Services in Montenegro: Holdings international Companies

A holding company or a holding organisation is common organisational form in practice which is, however, not a legal form in its own right. The larger the group of companies, the more probable it is that the companies in this form are connected to each other.

In recent years the topic of holding companies has become more internationalised in order to, among others, make use of the tax benefits which this organisational form brings with it. A further advantage of the establishment of this type of structure within a group of companies is the easier integration of acquired companies. However, in this case regard has to be taken of many tax and anti-trust regulations – and precisely here can our experts be of assistance!

Experts at TPA can offer you comprehensive know-how as regards tax issues in this sector, which is of great significance in the establishment of a holding company and which will be financially beneficial for you. Why do without?